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Welcome to American Fastbacks, a line of a revolutionary Jeep JK and TJ/LJ hard tops that drastically reduce cabin noise while protecting drivers from the open road.

Inside the cabin of an American Fastback-outfitted Jeep, drivers can speak at a normal volume while riding in comfort. No more ‘loud talking’ over road noise.

Our engineering team has spent hundreds of hours designing a line of innovative hard tops that are the quietest and most reliable on the market. Layers of multi-encapsulated insulation were hand-laid into our hardtops to wipe away any unwanted external sounds like noise, wind and traffic.

American Fastback hard tops are easy to install with hand tools and no drilling necessary. Simply use the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware with factory mounting points provided by Chrysler/Jeep to mount the hard top.

This one-of-a-kind American Fastbacks hard top is not only a beauty to behold; it’s proven to increase the resale value of your Jeep Wrangler. Show your pride in your Jeep and your country, and take pride in owning a new American Fastback today.

Three Ways to Get Your American Fastbacks Hard Top

We have three easy ways to get your American Fastbacks hard top to you and onto your Jeep:

  1. Pick it up at our Ontario, California, facility and install it yourself
  2. Bring your Jeep to our Ontario, California facility and we’ll install it for you for a flat-rate of $100
  3. Ship your hard top via – we’ve included weights and dimensions for each item so it’s easy to arrange for shipping.

Questions? Just drop us a line and we’ll help you get it going!

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